Protection Film For Prepainted and Precoated Metals

Film Base: Co-Extruded multi-polymer
Film Color: Clear, White, Blue
Thickness: 30 ~ 150 micron
Width: <1,700 mm
Length: <6,000 m
Adhesion: Customization

The film is used for protecting surfaces of various gloss levels and can undergo different mechanical treatment. The film, together with the sheet metals, is subjected to cutting, sculpting, and other subsequent manufacturing processes. The excellent performance of PE self-adhesive protection film can protect metal surfaces from any damage.



– Cold-rolled plate, galvanized plate, color coated plate (PCM pre-coated plate, PEM coated plate, PPM roller coated color plate, VCM coated plate, ACM plate, embossed plate)
– Home appliances: air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, set-top boxes, microwave ovens, rice cookers, dishwashers and so on.



– Few fish-eye
– Few lines
– UV Resistance
– Consistent adhesive force and suitable for long-term usage
– No bubbles or wrinkles on the surface after applying the film
– Easy to peel off with no adhesive residues