Protection Film For Aluminum Products

Film Base: Co-Extruded multi-polymer
Film Color: Clear, White
Thickness: 30 ~ 150 micron
Width: <1,700 mm
Length: <6,000 m
Adhesion: Customization

This series of protective films is used to protect aluminum products during processing. After being applied, the protective film, along with the aluminum sheet, undergoes subsequent processing such as cutting, rolling, and transportation. It does not generate precipitation, leaves no residue, and is easy to tear off during use. The excellent stretchability of the PE self-adhesive protective film ensures that the film does not break during processing.

Product Application: Aluminum alloy processed products: sheets, plates, coil sheets, strips, pipes, profiles, castings, etc.

Product Features:

– Low gel point
– Stable initial adhesion and adhesion, suitable for long-term bonding
– Good adhesion performance, does not peel off during processing
– Good stretchability, does not break during processing