Protection Film for Automotive

Item No.: Protection Film
360-Degree protection for the exterior and interior automotive.
Film Base: Co-Extruded multi-polymer
Film Color: Clear, White, Blue
Thickness: 30 ~ 150 micron
Width: <1,700 mm
Length: <6,000 m
Adhesion: Customization

The film is used to protect the car parts such as paints from discoloration. It also effectively prevents the car body from scratches during manufacturing, transportation, and storage. The film can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residues.


Auto body, door trim, lights, side sill panel, console box, bumper, instrument panel.


– The film can be used to preserve autos in its original status by providing protection against
– Weather changes such as heavy rain or direct sun exposure
– Mechanical damage and scratches
– Industrial dust and dirt
– Flash rust and flying sparks
– Animal secretions, bird droppings, tree resin, and pollen
– Natural environmental influences