PE Film for Steam, Boil, Frozen, Vacuum packaging

Thickness: 20~150 micron
Width: 200mm~2,500mm
Coefficient of Friction: customization
Heat Seal Strength (N/15mm) : customization
Tensile Strength: customization
Elongation: customization

PE Film for Steam and Boil vacuum package is commonly used in the temperature at 100℃ and above. The film keeps its original form and will not deform in the application.

PE Film for Frozen Vacuum packaging provides protection for frozen food at 0℃ and below.


– Outstanding tear resistance
Superior seal integrity
Excellent resistance to extreme high or low temperature
– High productivity with fast laminating speed in low temperature environment
Unparalleled processability
Compliance with food regulation


For Steam and Boil vacuum package: yeast, meat ball, Baozi
For Frozen Vacuum packaging: dumplings, frozen seafood